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Patient Advocacy Stories

  • Share your stories with policy makers on Capitol Hill!

    AMRPA is collecting patient stories to share with policy makers and other key decision makers on Capitol Hill.  These stories will highlight the challenges patients and their caregivers face when trying to access inpatient rehabilitation hospital/unit care, and the positive health outcomes resulting from the care the patient received in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital/unit.

    AMRPA staff will work with the identified patients to write and share their stories with key policy makers.  Additionally, patients will have the opportunity to communicate their stories through multiple platforms, including podcasts, Zoom meetings, videos, virtual testimony, and in-person or virtual meetings with policy makers.

    As such, we hope that you will connect with your patients and their caregivers to answer the questions below and bring out the parts of their journeys that will help highlight the #PowerOfMedicalRehab and the negative impact barriers to inpatient medical rehabilitation care may have for patients and their families.  Please consider reaching out to the patient’s caregiver directly and ask them fill out the below patient submission form.

    Patients and their caregivers have the option to either complete the patient submission form or contact AMRPA directly to tell their stories or obtain further information.  To contact AMRPA, please email Caleb Hudzik at [email protected] or call 202.207.1100.

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  • All questions are optional.  If you prefer not to answer a particular question, please leave the answer blank, and go on to the next question.

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