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Study Shows Rehabilitation Hospital Patients Do Better, Live Longer

We know how quickly lives can be changed forever – a car wreck, a debilitating injury, a stroke.  In the blink of an eye, we can go from walking down the street to having to learn to do almost everything over again.

We know the quick, early, intensive interventions provided by rehabilitation hospitals, like ours, can make the difference on when a patient goes home, how long they can stay home without complications and even extend their lives. Now, a new study shows that patients treated in inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and units had better long-term clinical outcomes than those treated in nursing homes.

The new national study [HYPERLINK] of 200,000 Medicare beneficiaries compared inpatient rehabilitation hospital patients to those treated in nursing homes and showed what we have known for some time – patients do better when given the comprehensive, coordinated treatment provided by rehabilitation hospitals. Over a two-year episode of care, the study found that rehabilitation hospitals achieved better outcomes in a shorter time than nursing homes and that the patients stayed home longer and lived longer.


The study is just one more piece of information that patients, their families and caregivers can use to ensure that they get the right treatment in the right setting.

To learn more about the study visit [HYPERLINK TO RELEASE ON YOUR SITE OR AMRPAS].