Unmatched Reports and Accuracy
From the beginning of the IRF-PPS, eRehabData® has set the standard for outcomes software. Our timely, comprehensive reports remain unmatched in accuracy and perspective. Our customer service remains the best in the business. Our robust and easy-to-use tools continue to empower rehabilitation clinicians and executives nationwide.

Maintenance-Free Software
From pre-admission screening to follow-up, eRehabData® walks you through a complete IRF-PAI solution packed with interactive tools and rich reporting features that guide and support data entry and decision-making at every step.

Designed for You
How do we do it? eRehabData® is designed with input from people at all hospital levels — from nurses, therapists, and PPS coordinators to administrators, managers, CIOs, and CEOs. It’s easy and friendly enough for anyone to navigate and powerful enough to guide executive decisions at the highest levels.


Together with AMRPA
Wholly owned by the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association, eRehabData® is also a trusted source of information to MedPAC and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Our clients are making a difference, not just for their patients, but for rehabilitation facilities nationwide.


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