MRMC Exam Content and Preparation

The MRMC certification exam includes 150 multiple choice questions* (120 scored items, as well as 30 unscored beta items for use on future exams.) The exam is offered via Online Proctored Testing through our exam development partner, Certification Management Services and online proctoring partner, Examity®. Candidates will be allowed 3 hours to complete the exam. Review the technical and testing requirements to participate in online proctored testing below.

Exam Content

The MRMC certification exam focuses on six exam domains including;

  • Foundations of Rehabilitation
  • Compliance and Ethics - Accreditation, Regulatory 
  • Hospital Processes
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Strategic Plan - Tactical Components
  • Leadership Skills

The MRMC exam is designed for candidates with one year of experience in the role of medical rehabilitation management. Candidates are encouraged to review the complete Exam Content Outline in the Exam Guide to identify areas where they would require additional preparation.

Exam Guide

AMRPA has developed an Exam Guide to familiarize Candidates with the development and outline of the Exam Content as well as the structure of exam items.

The exam guide includes:

  • Exam content outline
  • Testing objectives in each of the six exam domains.
  • Related References for exam preparation
  • A selection of sample items 

Review the MRMC Exam Guide.


AMRPA Educational Activities for Exam Preparation

AMRPA has a number of educational offerings that highlight areas included in the body of knowledge upon which the MRMC exam is based. See below for upcoming live and recorded virtual activities. 

MRMC Virtual Exam Guide - Available Now!
Prepare for the MRMC Exam with this virtual companion to the existing MRMC Exam Guide. The Virtual Exam Guide features 2.5 hours of recorded video content, as well as testing objectives and additional sample items in each MRMC exam section. This exam preparation resource is available for only $100 to Members!

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Requirements for Online Proctored Examinations

Upon application approval, candidates will receive a URL and instructions to login to the CMS TESTWise System and schedule their proctored exam. This is the same URL that will be used on your exam date. Prior to your exam date, candidates should review the Candidate Handbook and follow the provided verification steps to insure your computer and testing location both meet the minimum requirements for online proctored examination. 

Technical Capabilities

  • You must use a laptop or desktop computer running Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX (no phones or tablets)
  • You must use a supported browser; Chrome, Firefox, or Edge (not Safari or Internet Explorer)
  • You must have a webcam, microphone, and speakers, which must function and remain on throughout the exam.
  • Your computer must be connected to a power source.
  • You can only use one display. If you have a second display, it must be unplugged.
  • The only software that is allowed to run on your computer is the meeting software and the web browser where you are logged in to Examity’s proctoring portal.

 Standard Test Day Rules

  • You must show the proctor a valid (not expired) government issued photo ID. You will be required to hold the ID in front of you webcam. The proctor will need to clearly see your name, photo, and expiration date.
  • You must be alone in the room.
  • Your desk and area around the desk must be clear. The proctor will ask you to do a complete 360 degree room pan and desk sweep with your webcam to ensure your workspace is clear of any materials unauthorized by your test sponsor. (No papers, Post-It or other sticky notes, books, electronic devices, phones, etc.)
  • You cannot leave your seat.
  • You cannot use headphones or a phone during the exam.
  • You cannot talk except when communicating with the proctor.
  • The proctor must be able to see you for the duration of the exam.