For Patients

Assessment of Patient Outcomes of Rehabilitative Care Provided in IRFs and After Discharge

A study commissioned by AMRPA shows that individuals treated in inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and units had better long-term clinical outcomes than those treated in nursing homes.

We have created a number of resources available below that you may use to share information about the study. If you have any questions about any of these resources or how to use them, please email Jonathan Gold.

  • Study Presentation – The study in its entirety can be used to bolster your hospital’s products and services when marketing to patients, their families and caregivers, and prospective patients.
  • Full Study Report – This technical report details the complete study methodology, data analysis, and results. In addition to the two-pager and presentation slides, this report may be particularly useful when meeting with your Congressmen, their staff, and similar healthcare policy audiences.
  • Study Summary – This two-page summary highlights key findings and can be printed and used as a handout or placed on your website for easy access for your audiences.
  • Study Summary with Condition-specific Information – This summary includes key findings on specific conditions that can be used in your marketing materials.
  • Study Highlights for Cardiovascular Disease – This summary includes key findings on cardiovascular disease.
  • Study Highlights for Amputation – This summary includes key findings on amputations.
  • Study Highlights for Brain Injury – This summary includes key findings on brain injuries.
  • Study Highlights for Hip Fracture – This summary includes key findings on hip fractures.
  • Study Highlights for Spinal Cord Injury – This summary includes key findings on spinal cord injuries.
  • Study Highlights for Stroke – This summary includes key findings on strokes.
  • Study Talking Points – These talking points are meant to help you put the study in context. They are not meant to be shared externally.
  • Infographic – The infographic, which highlights key points from the study, can be customized with your hospital's logo and placed on your website, delivered through your social media platforms, printed in your newsletter or used as a handout in your marketing activities.
  • Infographic 1-Pager – A printer-friendly handout version of the above.
  • Sample Blog Post – This blog post describes details of the study and how patients can use the information to make better informed medical decisions. It can be by-lined by your hospital president or other appropriate executive.
  • Sample Press Release – The press release can be customized to highlight your hospital services within the context of the study and can be used to promote the study and your hospital or unit in your local media, or placed on your website.
  • Sample Social Media Messages – These messages can be used to promote your hospital or unit and the study's information, and link back to your website.