Renew Certification


Active certificants are required to maintain their credential with professionalism and meet the continuing education requirements for renewal. CE reporting and renewal payment are required at the end of the three-year renewal cycle. Renewal dates are set on an Annual Cycle beginning the following January after your initial certification.

Renewal Timeline

Example of Certification Renewal Timeline
If candidate is awarded certification  September 2021
Certificant's 3-year Renewal Cycle will begin on January 1, 2022
Certificant's CE Reporting and Renewal Application will be due by December 31, 2024


CE Requirement for Renewal

The continuing education requirement for renewal is based on a point system. AMRPA takes great pride in its efforts to advocate for the interests of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and rehabilitation units. To encourage the continued involvement, professional growth and advocacy of rehabilitation leaders, AMRPA has identified a variety of activities eligible to meet the continuing education requirement, in addition to CE courses.

15 points are required per year of the 3-year cycle (45 points total).

*At least half of the required points must be completed through ‎participation in approved continuing education activities/courses.‎

Activities Eligible for CE Requirement for Renewal of Certification

Points Assigned

Continuing Education Activities/Courses

Participation in AMRPA offered educational activities, including webinars, regional events and conferences, both in-person and online

1 Contact Hour = 1 Point

Participation in educational activities approved by ACCME, ANCC, ACHE, AOTA, APTA, ASHA, ARN, CARF, TJC, CMS

1 Contact Hour = 1 Point

Preparation for an educational presentation, including in-person and online activities and poster presentations
(Presentation can be offered at any healthcare organization.)

For Presenting:
1 Contact Hour = 2 Points



Any publications in professional journal

5 Points

Participation in a Scientific/Formal Research Project (published or unpublished)

5 Points

Volunteer Activities

Volunteer Participation in the AMRPA Credentialing Committee, AMRPA Education Committee, or AMRPA Legislative and Regulatory Policy Committee

Committee Member = 3 Points

Volunteer Participation in a National, State or Local Professional Healthcare Association in an ongoing committee/task force.

Officer/Chair: 3 Points
Committee Member = 1 Point

Performance Improvement Activities

Participation in a performance improvement activity for your organization with a proven positive impact.

2 Points

Renewal Fees

  • Member - $195
  • Non-member - $245
  • Late renewal fee - $50

Certificants will have a grace period of five business days after their renewal date before the late fee is assessed.

CE Reporting Process

Certificants will be sent renewal reminders three (3) months in advance of their renewal date. Certificants will be able to report CE and renew their certification through their profile on the AMRPA website.

Certificants will be able to enter and track their points for individual activities in their profile throughout their renewal cycle; however, only the point totals in each category will be required for renewal.

Please note – Renewal applications will be subject to audit. If your application is audited, you will be required to provide supporting documentation of CE points claimed. Instructions will be provided upon audit.