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AMRPA is proud of the diverse and talented team of staff members that work cohesively to provide its members with the knowledge and tools to successfully navigate the challenges facing medical rehabilitation providers and adapt to the changing federal legislative and regulatory environment.

AMRPA Operations Management Team
John Ferraro, AMRPA Executive Director
Phone: 202-207-1121
Email: jferraro@amrpa.org  

Rachel Koresky, AMRPA Operations Manager
Phone: 202-207-1108
Email: rkoresky@amrpa.org

Julia Scott, AMRPA Member Services Coordinator
Phone: 202-207-1110
Email: jscott@amrpa.org

Anna Kruskop, AMRPA Member Services Associate 
Phone: 202-207-1120
Email: akruskop@amrpa.org

AMRPA Communications & Public Affairs Team
Bonnie Sonnenschein, AMRPA Senior Vice President of Communications
Phone: 212-297-2118
Email: bsonnenschein@amrpa.org

Elaine Gansz Bobo, AMRPA Communications and Public Affairs Director 
Phone: 202-207-1130
Email: egbobo@amrpa.org

Matthew Matyjek, AMRPA Communications and Public Affairs Coordinator
Phone: 202-591-2486
Email: mmatyjek@amrpa.org

Patricia Sullivan, AMRPA Magazine Senior Editor
Phone: 847-686-2357
Email: psullivan@amrpa.org

AMRPA Government Relations & Policy Team
Kate Beller, AMRPA EVP for Government Relations and Policy Development
Phone: 202-207-1132
Email: kbeller@amrpa.org

Carolyn C. Zollar, AMRPA Senior Policy Counsel
Phone: 202-860-1002
Email: czollar@amrpa.org

Jonathan Gold, AMRPA Regulatory and Government Relations Counsel
Phone: 202-860-1004
Email: jgold@amrpa.org

Mimi Zhang, AMRPA Director of Payment Innovation, Quality and Research
Phone: 202-860-1003
Email: mzhang@amrpa.org  

Catherine Beal, AMRPA Government Relations & Policy Coordinator
Phone: 202-860-1006
Email: cbeal@amrpa.org

AMRPA Education Services Team
Holly Lundgren, AMRPA Education Manager
Phone: 847-686-2347
Email: hlundgren@amrpa.org

Melanie Hein, AMRPA Senior Education Administrator
Phone: 847-686-2325
Email: mhein@amrpa.org

AMRPA Conference & Events Team
Patrick Dougherty, AMRPA Meetings Manager
Phone: 678-303-2979
Email: pdougherty@amrpa.org