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Advocacy & News

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AMRPA serves as a critical resource for our members and represent our field before Congress, the Administration, and other policymakers. Our mission is powerful: To advocate, educate, communicate, and conduct research to support the needs of the more than 1150 medical rehabilitation providers across the country – and to preserve patient access to the quality care they deliver.

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To achieve this, we set forth a proactive policy agenda in Washington, DC. We monitor legislative and regulatory activity that may impact IRH/Us, and prepare and issue responses as needed. We share timely information and analysis with our members and work closely together to ensure not only our patients’ access to care, but the very future of medical rehabilitation.

AMRPA supports policies that:

  • Ensure patient access to IRF services and medically appropriate care
  • Maintaining funding and benefits for IRF services
  • Provide choice and protection for patients and their caregivers
  • Accept medical and clinical judgments