AMRPA QRP Certification Program

A New Era for Rehabilitation has Begun:
AMRPA eRehabData® IRF QRP Certification Exam System Released

The new AMRPA eRehabData® IRF QRP Certification Exam system is here! This system, provided free of charge to eRehabData® subscribers as well as AMRPA members, expands your arsenal of tools available to help you prepare your staff for the switch to QRP-based CMGs. Complimenting the functional scoring outcomes tools in eRehabData®, the QRP certification exams will help you determine where staff education is needed, enabling an efficient, targeted approach to preparedness. While there is no regulatory requirement for QRP certification, these exams are an effective way to gauge how adept your nurses, therapists, and PPS coordinators are on scoring specific QRP items.

About The System

The new system enables users who have been assigned exams to configure their exam requirements to focus on a subset of IRF QRP items from among the Hearing, Speech, and Vision BB items; Cognitive Patterns C items; Functional Abilities GG items; and Continence H items. An exam consists of two randomly-selected patient scenarios for which the user will complete their selected set of IRF QRP items on two patient assessments.

An average score of 80% for both scenarios grants the user AMRPA eRehabData® QRP certification status valid until the recertification interval is reached. By default this is one year but this can be changed by your facility's eRehabData® administrator. Written instructions and a video tutorial for how to manage the QRP exam system are available to eRehabData® facility administrators by logging into eRehabData®.

AMRPA members whose facilities are not subscribed to eRehabData® can sign up for the new system by going to, clicking QRP Certification Signup, and submitting the form. You'll need to provide your facility's Medicare CCN and address, as well as your contact information, to complete the form. Your form will be processed and you will be contacted by eRehabData® staff once your account has been set up. Only one person per non-subscriber facility needs to complete the form.

For more information please contact:
Sam Fleming, eRehabData®
Phone: 202-872-1033
Email: [email protected]