eRehabData® Has Your Back

The eRehabData® staff is the best in the business.

Not only does eRehabData® have amazing customer service, their staff have also been responsible for identifying a myriad of problems and mistakes in CMS’s data collection, reports, and rule enforcement. By reporting these errors, we were able to ensure positive action was taken by CMS and its contractors to correct mistakes and rescind erroneous letters of non-compliance. Here's a short list of CMS issues identified and addressed by eRehabData® staff in recent years:

  • Discovered errors and omissions in CMS' documentation for 60% Rule presumptive compliance documentation.
  • Ensured that clarification of the correct procedure for completing certain BIMS was received.
  • Notified CMS that their "final" FY2018 IRF PPS specifications file was missing key information.
  • Reported a discrepancy between the IRF-PAI data specifications and the VUT, and the final validation report; the latter of which had been issuing false payment penalty warnings on three items which were not supposed to trigger those warnings.
  • Found and corrected an inconsistency in the IRF-PAI v1.4 specifications.
  • Reported a problem with the CMS ASAP system calculating the wrong HIPPS code upon receipt of the IRF-PAI because their software was ignoring tiering comordibities entered into any of the newly-added 15 comorbidity fields.
  • Reported issues with the published list of presumptively compliant codes.
  • Submitted detailed information to QTSO revealing a problem with their 60% Rule compliance determinations, which caused CMS to issue incorrect letters of non-compliance.
  • Reported a problem where CMS was processing records in a zip file in the wrong order, causing file rejections.

eRehabData® was able to do all of this through subscription fees. All profits are used to promote the interests of rehabilitation hospitals and are crucial for AMRPA’s legislative effectiveness and economic health. Using eRehabData® ensures your hospital's data and unique case mix are represented by AMRPA's efforts.

For more information please contact:
Sam Fleming, eRehabData
Phone: 202-872-1033
Email: [email protected]