Pre-Conference IRF Boot Camp

AMRPA Boot Camp is Back! 

Today’s IRFs face numerous challenges. The savvy managers or IRF leaders will benefit not only from the core and authenticated information that is presented, but with the dialogue and interaction with the other attendees. 

The AMPRA Boot Camp is a focused workshop for IRF Managers and Directors who want to have an in-depth review of the many components that contribute to a successful IRF Program. Attendees will receive basic information and contemporary applications to apply to their IRF on key issues. 

Recommended Attendees: 

  • Operations Managers 

  • Medical Directors and Rehab Nurse Practitioners  

  • Clinical Coordinators and Program Outcome Specialists 

  • Nursing Leadership 

  • Admissions Coordinators 

  • Compliance Personnel 

  • Therapy Leadership 

  • Rehab Case Managers 



This year’s course will consist of six hours over the span of two days. There will be two three-hour sessions on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. 

  • IRF Rules and Regulations 

  • Admission Criteria – Justification of Admission 

  • Documentation Requirements 

  • Considerations for Admission and Post Discharge Denials 

  • IRF Reimbursement Basics 

  • Marketing and Referral Development 

  • Bolstering the role of Clinical Liaison 

  • Program Outcomes and Program Promotion 

  • Operational Routines for Success 



  • Bob Bianchi – Experienced IRF Program Developer, Solid IRF Trainer, and CARF Surveyor. Currently Rehab Consultant. 

  • Tracey Nixon – Vast IRF Experience with In-Depth Knowledge of IRF Operations. Currently Compliance Officer at Nobis Health.